Art School Confidential: Why Artists Make Good Business Leaders

If ever I climb onto my soapbox, it’s because I’m advocating for creativity – in business, in education, and in everyday life. Imagine my delight when I spotted an article titled Is an MFA the New MBA? in Fast Company‘s Leadership column. Should business leaders and HR department heads start to consider applicants whose four years in university earned them a fine arts degree instead of a business degree? My wholehearted response: yes, absolutely. Businesses today promote… Read more »

Coherent Brands: How Porter Airlines Does It

I have been a fan of this Canadian regional airlines since their beginning. You can say that Porter Airlines got me at first sight. I couldn’t resist their chic retro style and attentive service. I was thrilled when I noticed that I could enjoy a complimentary wine glass  served in actual glassware, not plastic. It reminded me of when I flew with Pan American as a child. The reason why I’m talking about Porter here is… Read more »