Who we are

We are two women with different backgrounds but a shared outlook on brand storytelling who got together to work towards a common goal: helping businesses flourish with the power of stories.

How we got together

Sproutive Communication is the brainchild of Bettina Forget and Kim Vallee. After working for 7 years as a design blogger and content strategist, Kim reached out to Bettina because she wanted to provide social media and content marketing workshops with a creative flair. Kim felt that Bettina’s art and graphic design expertise would add an essential component to her vision. Soon after they started discussing their new venture, it became clear that brand storytelling would be at the heart of their business. The services that they now provide have evolved to become one-on-one coaching and strategic consulting. As Sproutive, Kim and Bettina help businesses cultivate a storytelling mindset.

Bettina Forget Profile Image

Bettina Forget

Branding & Visual Storytelling

Bettina is the creative brain behind Sproutive. She will help you brand your story and get a signature look for your brand. Bettina worked as a branding and graphic designer for agencies before becoming an established artist and a gallery owner. She uses social media and word of mouth to spread the word about art, her gallery exhibits and her own art projects. Bettina always brings fresh ideas to show and tell your story. She will also produce a logo and a brand guide that communicate the essence of your story.

Kim Vallee Profile Image

Kim Vallee

Branding Strategy & Content Marketing

Kim is Sproutive’s branding strategist and content marketer. Kim will help you uncover and tell your story. After a career where she designed and marketed applications and e-commerce sites, Kim started blogging in 2005. She lives and breathes the world of publishing, PR and advertising as a successful blogger. As a consultant, Kim is the brainchild of meaningful content marketing and social media strategies still in use today by her clients.

Why hire us?

Here are a few things that you can expect from working with us. We like to push personal limits. We bring a unique perspective that you might not have considered before. We are known for our collaborative work ethic. Part of our job as facilitators is putting things into context, which means that we are not interested in just looking at the surface. When it’s necessary, we provide constructive criticisms and challenge your status quo. We do all that because we care about your success.

As a team, we are a rare and invaluable combination of creativity and marketing expertise. We deliver actionable insights, strategies and tactics. We happily share our know-how. If you think that we are a good fit, please get in touch with us.
Call us at 514.800.7115 or fill out our contact form.

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