How to Do Content Marketing Right?

Many articles argued the effectiveness or non-effectiveness of content marketing. It’s not one of these articles. Instead, I’ll share the foundation you need to do content marketing right. Great content marketing raises the people’s desire to do more often an activity that potentially requires your products. It’s not about your products, their benefits, nor their features. It’s about a lifestyle, an habit, an aspiration, or achieving a specific goal. Before you consider content marketing, you should know that is a… Read more »

Creative Storytelling Research: Build Your Own Atlas

In my previous posts I talked about how to jump-start your creativity by busting your mind-numbing routines, setting up creativity-enhancing rituals, and about creating your own tailor-made notebook to collect your thoughts and ideas. Now that you’re off the starting block, creative juices flowing, let’s go to the next essential step on your creative journey: research. Why is research essential? Because it tests your assumptions, it lets you discover new ideas, it makes your project unique and… Read more »

Simple & Effective: The Shopping Bag of Nota Bene

Sometimes, a brown shopping bag and a piece of washi tape is all you need to make a statement. You don’t have to spend a fortune on packaging to tell your story. What you really need is a concept that reinforces your message, that creates a magic moment, one moment that entices your customers to come back soon. That magic happened again on my last visit to my absolute favorite stationary shop, here in Montreal. The magic happened when the… Read more »

Paperbrain: The Perfect Notebook for Your Ideas

Starting a creative project is similar to jumping into a cold mountain lake. You know you want to do it, but as your toes curl around the edge of the pontoon you can’t quite get yourself to jump. I get that feeling right after clamping a 48” x 48” canvas to my easel. Confession: I take the ladder in. The way I ease myself into any new project is via my sketchbook. It is a compendium of false starts, brilliant… Read more »

Daily Rituals: How to Get Into the Creative Zone

Nothing is as intimidating as the blank page. Or the blank canvas. Or the cursor blinking in the top left-hand corner of your new email. When the page is blank, the mind goes blank. No ideas come. This anxiety-inducing moment often triggers opening Facebook or sparks an irrepressible urge to reorganize the book shelf. Procrastination sets in. Easier, lesser tasks are completed instead of taking a crack at the creative challenge. Creativity demands that you walk down a new path,… Read more »

Leveraging your assets: Life Swaps by Timberland

I’m in awe of Life Swaps, the latest campaign by Timberland Europe. I waited for years to see a campaign that fully leverages the assets and creatively maximizes the content they produce. One that would integrate my philosophy. You can’t imagine how many times I wrote a post about this issue, only to delete it before posting because it sounded too negative. It happened again two days ago. Imagine my happiness when I discovered the Life Swaps project by Timberland…. Read more »

Routine-Buster: How to Disengage the Auto-Pilot

In French there is a saying: metro, boulot, dodo, which loosely translates into subway, work, sleep. These three little words are used to describe how we can get trapped in a mind-numbing work routine which makes us feel like we’re on a gerbil wheel, spinning our days away. I’ve been there. In my first job as a junior designer in London, England, my daily routine became so automated that one day on the Undergound I changed trains on Baker Street… Read more »

How content curation made me a tastemaker

Content curation is a hot topic amongst marketers. There is no doubt in my mind that content curation should be a part of any content marketing strategy. If you think that curating content is easy and fast, you’re wrong. To do content curation right requires time, vision, creation and lots of research. I know; I built a reputation as one of the most one of the foremost lifestyle & entertaining experts in Canada by mastering the art of curating content…. Read more »

Art School Confidential: Why Artists Make Good Business Leaders

If ever I climb onto my soapbox, it’s because I’m advocating for creativity – in business, in education, and in everyday life. Imagine my delight when I spotted an article titled Is an MFA the New MBA? in Fast Company‘s Leadership column. Should business leaders and HR department heads start to consider applicants whose four years in university earned them a fine arts degree instead of a business degree? My wholehearted response: yes, absolutely. Businesses today promote… Read more »

Coherent Brands: How Porter Airlines Does It

I have been a fan of this Canadian regional airlines since their beginning. You can say that Porter Airlines got me at first sight. I couldn’t resist their chic retro style and attentive service. I was thrilled when I noticed that I could enjoy a complimentary wine glass  served in actual glassware, not plastic. It reminded me of when I flew with Pan American as a child. The reason why I’m talking about Porter here is… Read more »