How content curation made me a tastemaker

Content curation is a hot topic amongst marketers. There is no doubt in my mind that content curation should be a part of any content marketing strategy. If you think that curating content is easy and fast, you’re wrong. To do content curation right requires time, vision, creation and lots of research. I know; I built a reputation as one of the most one of the foremost lifestyle & entertaining experts in Canada by mastering the art of curating content.

Let me tell you how I did. What started out of necessities was in fact built on my strengths and how I spent my time. When I started At Home with Kim Vallee, what I was talking about wasn’t popular where I lived. There weren’t a lot of suppliers or a community of bloggers I could collaborate with. And I’m not a crafter. Instead, I’m the creative designer type. When I factored in that I didn’t have the photography skills nor the patience to create days after days stunning photo shoots, I had no choices but to find another way to create original content over and over.

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I did what my mom taught me to do whenever I sought a career change. I built on what I have and know. So, I built my blog around my skill set. I’m a designer known for its modern taste and for solving problems. I like to educate people by showing them examples. I read magazines from around the world. I spot trends before they emerge. I excel at discovering awesome products before anyone else. People ask me where they can find stuff. By putting these skills together, I created a signature look and feel for At Home with Kim Vallee.

To attract followers and built a reputation, your content curation should have a clear purpose.

My content curation for At Home with Kim Vallee was developed with a purpose. I focused and continue to focus on providing time-saving tips, inspirations and sharing finds so busy, design-savvy women could entertain and live in style, without the hard work. There was an overall story, there was a purpose.  It’s what made my content curation a success.

From curator to tastemaker

You know what’s the funny thing about mastering the art of curation is that people won’t see you as a curator. I was always amazed to notice how people give credits to the messenger, even though I had never been shy of giving proper credits to the maker or designer that I introduced in my stories. They see me a tastemaker and a creator. I became a tastemaker only because I worked hard creating original content. I excelled at integrating many sources of content into stories that reflected my own taste, my own worldviews. I make it personal. I make it unique.

We’ll continue to explore the different facets of content curation on future posts. For now, I suggest that you assign that content curation task to someone in your organization who needs to follow what’s going on in your industry. Select a creative person who is good at putting things into perspective and at spotting trends. And make sure to follow a purpose.

You need help identifying the focus of your content curation

Bettina and I can help you. This is one of the things that we do at Sproutive. Let me know if you want to find out how we can improve your content curation.