Leveraging your assets: Life Swaps by Timberland

I’m in awe of Life Swaps, the latest campaign by Timberland Europe. I waited for years to see a campaign that fully leverages the assets and creatively maximizes the content they produce. One that would integrate my philosophy. You can’t imagine how many times I wrote a post about this issue, only to delete it before posting because it sounded too negative. It happened again two days ago. Imagine my happiness when I discovered the Life Swaps project by Timberland. At last, I could explain it with positive comments.

Here are the elements that make this campaign noteworthy. I would like you to consider these points before you approve your next campaign.

Integrated marketing campaign

For their Life Swaps project, Timberland recruited four creatives living in four European cities who agreed to swap their home and their life for a weekend. In a series of videos and blog posts, we followed them in this journey. They gave people a reason to watch and, in the process, they introduced their fall collection.

life swaps by timberland blog

“We wanted to push different and original activities where design, quality, craftsmanship, urban outdoor spaces, and creativity could come together,” explains Argu Secilmis, VP, Brand EMEA & Distributors Markets at Timberland Europe, in Fast Company. She noted that these pursuits are in line with the interests of Timberland’s consumer.

On top of their comprehensive dedicated Web site, people can follow the project on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Pinterest. They consider the nature of each channel when they push their content, which is the way to do it.

Their products have a supportive role

The first swap is between London and Barcelona. The second one is between Berlin and Milan. People watch the videos for the travel, the adventures, and the stories of the people we meet in these videos. In the process, you watch the creatives doing their daily activities in outfits from Timberland’s Fall ’14 collection.

They tied each outfit to its story

life swaps by timberland fall collection tweet

Using artful mood boards to present their fall collection is coherent with the campaign story line. Pay attention to how the outfits wore by each creative are presented. To bring back memories of the story and to suggest how their clothes and shoes for fall could fit into our lifestyle, each mood board includes props used in the video. It’s cleverly effective!

timberland's life swaps shopping list

It doesn’t stop there. Timberland makes it easy for people to buy each outfit. The solution is simple to implement for any company. A landing page featuring the mood boards and the product list with a buy button next to each item does the trick. Well-done!

Tons of Available Materials

This is something that too many companies failed to see the values. I recalled participating in campaigns where the agencies had a photographer and filmed what we did all day. I’m sure that amongst the materials that didn’t make the official videos or photos that were many excellent shots. In my opinion, they wasted opportunities to have people talking about their initiative by not releasing more materials.

As a blogger and a publisher, I can vouch for the fact that it makes a huge difference to have access to a huge pool of photos and videos. There is nothing that kills more a story in the design blogosphere than to see the same image over and over. You definitely increase your chances of people spreading the word about your campaign by giving them access to lots of amazing assets. They can then select the ones that resonate the most with their brand and their audience.

Consistent Use of #inmyelement Hashtag

An hashtag enables people to get the full picture. Make sure to share your official hashtag on all your communications. You will be amazed by how many brands don’t consistently do that or make it hard for people to find the official hastags.

User Generated Content Aspect

Fans are invited to add their favorite hotspots, amazing venues and cool events.

timberland's life swaps hotspots

An integrated view of your project

At Sproutive, we look at the whole picture. We consider how everything works together. If you need help delivering a seamless experience in your campaigns, contact us to discuss how we can make it happen.