Coherent Brands: How Porter Airlines Does It

I have been a fan of this Canadian regional airlines since their beginning. You can say that Porter Airlines got me at first sight. I couldn’t resist their chic retro style and attentive service. I was thrilled when I noticed that I could enjoy a complimentary wine glass  served in actual glassware, not plastic. It reminded me of when I flew with Pan American as a child.


The reason why I’m talking about Porter here is that Porter Airlines is the perfect example of a brand that kept the essence of its brand identity over the years. They stay true to how they established their brand image once again with the new crew outfits. I spot the crew upcoming attires while reading the latest issue of re:porter, their awesome in-flight magazine. I bet that I”ll not be the only woman who will stop at an Aldo store to see if they carry something similar to the flight attendee purse.

I admire the cohesive look and feel that is expressed in everything Porter does. Every communication material that they produced, whether it is a banner, their newsletters, their in-flight magazine, etc… exhibited their signature look and feel. All aspects of their identity has been thought of from their typography to their illustrative style, the way they draw maps, their humor tone and the content that is appropriate for them. What you get is a cohesive and consistent brand image and message. There is no second guessing from your team when it comes to produce new materials. They know their guidelines and know what constitutes proper content for the brand. Some people may think that having strict packaging, communication and visual rules can be too restrictive. In fact, Porter has demonstrated over the years and continues to demonstrate that you can continue to produce fresh content while sticking to a specific brand identity.

My point is to build a strong brand, you need to be coherent every step of the way. If you are an entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to invest in a strong brand identity, a comprehensive identity that would be yours and that will form the basis of who you are and how you tell your story to the world. The best brand identity are cohesive and able to withstand the test of time. porter airlines and rimowa suitcases

Brand coherence doesn’t stop there. It must be feel in the level of service that you provide. It must translate into how your employees serve and talk about your brand. It also extend to your business partners. When you consider partnerships with other brands and want to find suppliers, look for companies that are aligned with your core values. Collaborating with like-minded brands makes working together easier but it also helps fuel how you tell your own story. You gain points by highlighting the qualities of your partners. After reading about the craftsmanship that goes in the making of every Rimowa suitcase in their in-flight magazine, I was envious of the crew’s luggage. That reflects well on Porter.