What we do

We teach, coach and do branding and strategic marketing consulting work for open-minded businesses and entrepreneurs who value business innovation and customer experience. Our strategic consulting services focus on these three areas.

what's your story

It’s the Foundation

Crafting your story is the most important step. We developed a framework, a series of exercises that enables us to quickly get at the heart of your vision, that brings focus on your message, that pinpoints your personality, the tone and character of your brand. We capture the essence of your brand, articulate your message, craft your story.

tell your story

Your strategic plan

The next question becomes how to tell that story to the people you wish to reach. Based on your goals, we create a strategic plan that answers questions like: how you’ll build your audience, content ideas, where and on what to focus your time and energy. Even if we love social media and content marketing at Sproutive, our plans mix social and digital with offline initiatives.

brand your story

Your signature look

We focus on the visual storytelling elements that are too often an after-thought. You need a cohesive look across all your social profiles, a visual style for what you publish online, a color palette. A look that people will associate over time with you. We design graphic elements and create a style guide for your team.

For companies or entrepreneurs seeking knowledge in order to do it in-house, we offer tailored workshops, talks and coaching services about:

  • social and content marketing,
  • content creation and distribution,
  • attracting more media coverage and word of mouth,
  • what it takes to build an audience;
  • cultivating business innovation and fresh ideas.

If you are a business or an entrepreneur in need of crafting its brand story and finding the best ways to tell that story, call us at 514.800.7115 or fill out our inquiry form to discuss how, together, we can make it happen.

branding, social and content marketing strategy at Sproutive

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