Want Less Stress? Fix Your Bottleneck!

A version of this post was first published on At Work with Kim Vallee. Like most people, you are probably rushing from morning to night. You can accomplish a lot by determining what will be the focus of your day every morning, by sticking to what’s on your to-do list, and by limiting interruptions and other distractions. But it might not be enough. It is easy to forget about the little things or the things that we have… Read more »

Walking Meetings Make You Think More Creatively

A version of this post was first published on At Home with Kim Vallee. A TED2013 talk by Nilofer Merchant offers a way to mix work with leisure. It is easy to understand why walking meetings are beneficial for your mind and your body. The added value for your business is that walking meetings can be more productive. Here is why: Moving your body and being outside clear your mind. It makes you think more creativity, which is… Read more »