Leveraging your assets: Life Swaps by Timberland

I’m in awe of Life Swaps, the latest campaign by Timberland Europe. I waited for years to see a campaign that fully leverages the assets and creatively maximizes the content they produce. One that would integrate my philosophy. You can’t imagine how many times I wrote a post about this issue, only to delete it before posting because it sounded too negative. It happened again two days ago. Imagine my happiness when I discovered the Life Swaps project by Timberland…. Read more »

Brand Storytelling is the New Way of Marketing

In today’s economy and social media era, branding is about telling a story that resonates with your core audience. Your logo, your tag line and other visuals are only playing a supporting role. They are not the main characters; your brand stories are. If you want people to become supporters of your brand, look for business stories that evoke an emotional response. Let me emphasis one key element: people don’t buy features. You need to sell them the desire to… Read more »