Cultivating Clarity, Inspiring Action

Hello, I’m Kim Vallée.
As Sproutive Studio, I coach women leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

Together, we clarify your narrative and identify the best ways for you to spread your message to achieve your main goal.

Become memorable, clear, and impactful!

My job is to get you unstuck.

My coaching packages are designed to refine and amplify your narrative.

The Seed focuses on distilling your core message and vision into a clear, impactful narrative. It’s ideal for women leaders, entrepreneurs, and changemakers aiming to build their personal branding, develop thought leadership, or advance an initiative.

The Spread explores the best avenues for communicating your narrative to move the needle. We explore how to consider the context, setting, and audience to choose the right story, and ensure optimal clarity, cohesion, and media outreach.

À la carte coaching is perfect for women seeking specific advice or those wishing to experience my coaching style before committing to a full package.

I assist you in crafting a compelling narrative because no one understands your vision and purpose better than you. More importantly, you’ll be the one telling that narrative, one story at a time. You need to feel comfortable communicating it. This is why I coach you, rather than taking over the process.

Why do I coach women?

As a supporter of gender equality and a former woman in tech, I know firsthand that many women don’t get what they deserve. I decided to change that. The way I do it is by coaching women who are ready to have a stronger voice at the table.

Women who work with me will gain insights, confidence, and courage to be in the spotlight. With a clear narrative and action plan on hand, stepping into the spotlight becomes much easier.

Ready to elevate your impact? If you’re a woman leader, entrepreneur, or changemaker, don’t wait. Contact Kim today to transform how you share your message. Become memorable, clear, and impactful!

What to expect when working with me

Be prepared to answer touch questions, delve deep into your objectives and expectations, and challenge yourself in order to achieve better results.

Meet your coach, Kim Vallee

  • Kim lived and breathed the world of editorial strategy, content creation and media outreach for over 7 years as a trusted blogger.
  • She has given talks on personal branding, focusing on how women use their ingenuity and resourcefulness on the web.
  • Kim brings 25 years of experience working at the intersection of digital product, brand storytelling, design, and marketing.
  • Kim is known for generously sharing what she knows.

Start making a difference by:

  • Identifying your content tilt: what is uniquely you.
  • Leveraging your strengths.
  • Concentrating on what matters for the outcome.
  • Figuring out the part of your story that drives action.
Image by Thomas from Pixabay

Which coaching package is right for you?

The Seed

  • Deep dive into the essential parts of your message and vision
  • Transform it into your distinctive narrative
  • Perfect for personal branding, thought leadership, and purpose-driven women leaders

The Spread

  • Create an action plan to spread your narrative
  • Determine where, when, to who, and which story to tell
  • Aim for Clarity, Cohesion and Distribution

À la carte coaching

  • Each session is 45 minutes long
  • Ideal for women who need targeted advice or guidance in specific areas
  • Or for those who want to experience my coaching style before committing to a package

To book a package, send a message via LinkedIn.