Your coach for clearer, more impactful narrative as a leader, entrepreneur, or changemaker.

At Sproutive, we coach leaders, business owners and changemakers how to get the most out of their narrative. Together, we clarify your message and strategize on how to achieve your objective by turning this narrative into compelling stories and conversations. 

We guide you in crafting your compelling narrative because no one knows your business or purpose better than you. More importantly, you’ll be the one telling that narrative, one story at a time. You need to feel comfortable sharing it. This is why we coach you instead of doing it for you.

Together, we work on developing a narrative that captures your vision and value proposition, and how that vision impacts people’s lives.

Our job is to get you unstuck, whether by uncovering your narrative, turning this narrative into compelling stories or pitches, or strategically exploring the best avenues for communicating your narrative.

If you’re like most founders, business owners, leaders, or changemakers, you likely think of business storytelling or brand storytelling when faced with an immediate need. You might need a compelling presentation to align your team or get partner buy-in, seek press coverage to raise awareness and educate people about your mission, or develop a strategy to spread your message.

That’s why content production is an integral part of our coaching.

Because you’re busy, we aim to streamline the process. We do more than save you time; we bring clarity and focus by extracting the essential parts of your message, making it more meaningful for the recipients.

Why do you need a narrative?

A narrative aligns your team, stakeholders, partners, and customers towards a common vision. A clear narrative guides you and your team. It resonates with the people you want to reach and brings cohesion whether you communicate internally or externally.

If this resonates with you, whether you’re a leader, business owner or changemaker, reach out to Sproutive Studio.

Discover our coaching services:

Build Your Narrative Coaching

  • Think of your narrative as a storyline.
  • Develop your storyline to tell it over time and meet your objectives.
  • Leave with your own action plan.

One-on-one Coaching

  • Available from one to many sessions.
  • Each session is 45 minutes long.
  • Could be for ideation and analysis, questions, and receiving feedback.

Nuts & Bolts Workshop

  • Learn by doing approach.
  • Craft your own narrative.
  • Turn that into a ready-to-use content piece for your business.
  • Dates to be announced.

What to expect from Sproutive

Be prepared to answer hard questions and delve deep into your business objectives, customer expectations, and what’s happening in your market.

Meet our founder, Kim Vallee

  • Kim lived and breathed the world of editorial strategy, content creation and media outreach for more than 7 years as a trusted blogger.
  • As an educator, Kim is known to deliver clear explanations and instructions, practical content, as well as valuable advice.
  • Kim brings 25 years of experience working at the intersection of product, brand storytelling, design, and marketing.

We bring focus by:

  • Identifying how you are truly different from your competitors.
  • Understanding what makes you special in the eyes of customers or investors.
  • Figuring out the part of your story that is relevant for driving actions.
  • Leveraging your strengths to get the most out of them.
Image by Thomas from Pixabay